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A little over 15% of a person's life is spent in school. On average students spend 1,000 hours per year in school. This is a significant amount of time that can have a notable impact on a child’s life. 

We believe a Christian school should use this time to inspire a love for learning; to encourage students to want to explore, and learn more about God’s creation. A Christian school must be a safe place for students to develop Christian habits of living. It should offer students opportunities to solve problems, seek restoration; experience meeting real needs, for real people, by doing real work. Ultimately, a Christian school should use the time God has given to offer Christian discipleship for each student, every day of the school year. 

We appreciate your interest in learning more about East Linn Christian. We are happy to provide tours of our campus on Tuesdays. We look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your hopes for your child.


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