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Sports Registration
1. Complete Sports Physical - every 2 years starting 7th grade
2. Pay the sports fee before the first competition
- East Linn Students - HS $185 & MS $160 each sport
- Home School Students - HS $240 each sport (returning athletes only)
3. Homeschool Participating Requirements
4. Frequently Asked Questions

2023-24 Season Start Dates
HS Fall Sports - August 14th
MS Fall Sports - August 21st
MS Girls Basketball - October 23rd
HS Winter Sports - November 13th
MS Boys Basketball - January 2nd
HS Pitchers/Catchers - February 12th
HS Spring Sports - February 26th
MS Baseball - TBD
MS softball - TBD
MS Track - TBD

Coaching Vacancies:
MS boys basketball coach

MS girls basketball coach

MS baseball coach

MS softball coach

Email AD Kenny Gerig to apply

Tri-Eagle Athlete Award
How to earn a Tri-Eagle Athlete sweatshirt...
1. Participate in an OSAA sanctioned sport each season (fall, winter, spring)
- Non-OSAA sports count if they are school-sponsored and follow OSAA eligibility requirements
- Currently approved: Water Polo (OHSWP), Lacrosse (OHSLA), Equestrian (OHSET)
2. Play at least one sport that is offered by East Linn Christian
3. Participate the entire season (first contest date until the last contest)

2022-23 Head Coaches
Athletic Director:
Kenny Gerig 
(541) 971-8704
Boys Soccer:
V - Jake Harrington
JV - Nora Quorem
MS - Tyler Grove
V - Kassie Denue
JV - Angie Kropf
MS - Jackie Stutzman
Cross Country:
V - Sydney Nichol
Girls Basketball:
V - Mike Runyon
JV - Ashton Sewell
MS - vacant

Boys Basketball:
V - Jonathan Whitehead
JV - Ryan Aitkin

JV2 - Wesley Smith

MS - vacant
V - Jake Bates
JV - Cory Swigert
MS - vacant


MS - vacant

Track & Field:
V - Kellen Peters
MS - Meggan Modderman
Elem - vacant

Boys Golf:

V - Jayce Boyd