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Foreign Language Program


Something very unique at East Linn Christian is our focus on foreign language. It starts in kindergarten and is offered all the way through 12th grade.

We offer a Spanish immersion program at the elementary level that is designed to incorporate a second language and develop its acquisition naturally. Therefore, the focus is not on learning how the language works, but rather on exploring the language and using it as a vehicle to learn other things. In elementary, the language exploration takes place during PE (60 minutes a week). The opportunity to explore Spanish continues in middle school during the elective block (150 minutes a week) and in high school two credits of foreign language are required and advance Spanish is offered as an option for those interested in applying for a dual language diploma. 

Purpose of K-12 Foreign Language Program

  • Between 24 and 35 months of age the brain is wired to form mental symbols for objects, people, and events. This is directly related to the greater ability to acquire a second language during adolescence.
  • Starting at a young age develops mental flexibility, which teaches students to differentiate information and focus on what’s relevant.
  • Spanish is more likely to become a vehicle to access information on any given topic rather than as a subject students have to study.
  • In an immersion experience student gain an in-depth understanding of how the two languages work, enhancing the ability to pick up other languages in the future.
  • It encourages students to think outside their area—outside their cities and counties. It develops cultural awareness by allowing students to explore different ways of seeing the world.