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Thank you for your interest in supporting East Linn Christian Academy! Below we have different ways you can contribute to the school.


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Heritage Campaign



Kitchen Cafeteria ($500,000)

ACSI accreditation requires ELCA to have a cafeteria with adequate dining space and sanitary kitchen facility for students. The Phase 2 of the Activity Resource Center (ARC), will provide the cafeteria, fine arts area, auditorium and several needed classrooms. We are breaking down Phase 2 into several steps.

The first step of Phase 2 is building the cafeteria to meet requirements for ACSI accreditation. The cost for this part of the project is estimated at $500,000. Our goal is to fundraise this money by March of 2018. Your prayers and help are greatly appreciated. Please note that 10% of facility development donations will go towards the general fund to maintain current facilities and to aid the facility development fund.

Vocational/AG Building ($100,000)

There is a lack of skilled workers with vocational skills in the local workforce today.  East Linn believes that giving students the opportunity to explore vocational jobs through a one year course is important.  A simple 2 classroom building with lab area will fulfill this need.  


STEAM and Vocational Classes ($30,000 annually)

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) courses offer our students hands-on learning that is essential for equipping them for technological world in which we live.  According to the US Department of Commerce, STEAM occupations are growing at a rate of 17%.  The school board has personally invested in the STEAM program here at the school and they are committed to seeing the STEAM course options to grow in the next five years.
  • The Vocational program will include students with viable jobs that are in demand in this area.  Vocations skills are the backbone of our society and it is important to make students familiar with the options available today.



Annual Gift

Would you consider partnering with us to support our vision of Cultivating a Spiritual Inheritance for Generations to Come? Take a look at our giving card to set up a one-time or recurring donation or You can contribute online below by selecting "Annual Gift".

Tuition Assistance  - $100,000 Annually

ELCA Tuition Sponsorship Fund is designed to help eligible families to afford coming to East Linn Christian Academy. All money received goes directly to tuition.

General Fund

The General Fund helps covers expenses that the school can use where needed. Example: Unforeseen repairs, education needs, equipment, things that are outside the budget. The General Fund help offset the cost of daily expenses that helps keep the tuition down for families.

Annual Auction

The Auction fundraiser helps generate money to aid our General Fund or special projects. Donations received for this allow us to purchase items to auction off at a higher price. We also accept auction items at the Admin office and gladly give you a donation receipt for your donation.

Alumni Auction Project

Each year the Alumni Association contributes funds to purchase a large value item to be auctioned off at the Annual Auction.

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If you wish to donate by cash or check, please call or stop by the Administration Office.


------------------------- Other Ways to Contribute:

Special Projects or Needs

Often we will have needs through out the year. We usually post our needs in our newsletter and on the News Page (Click Here).

Label Collection

We collect "Box Tops for Education" and "Campbell's Soup Labels". These labels can be turned into the Elementary Office, MS/HS Office, or Administration Office.

Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to assist us in doing God's work!