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Middle School Language Arts

At East Linn Christian Academy, we teach the language arts in order to develop a program that promotes a lifetime love of literature, communication, and language. Just as Christ used parables in his ministry, we read stories to empathize with others, broaden our worldview, and understand complex truths. Our curriculum primarily emphasizes works from the literary canon in order to develop students' aesthetic tastes, as we recognize the inherent beauty of God-given language. Similarly, we teach writing in order to prepare students to be effective communicators of the gospel, express themselves artistically, and be competent citizens. Ultimately, our curriculum is evaluated in the light of God's Word and chosen to cultivate Christian maturity.

Based on this philosophy, the language arts department goals include teaching writing, grammar, speech, listening, and reading. Language arts classes in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades provide our students' foundation in grammar, through a systematic study of sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and parts of speech. In the seventh through twelfth grades, writing takes the form of persuasive, expository, and narrative essays; creative writing in prose and poetry; research, technical writing, and literary analysis.

When teaching reading and literature, we choose novels, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction with moral themes and recognized literary value. Our program aims to develop effective and critical readers, who can locate literary works in historical context and recognize literary elements such as plot, theme, character, and setting. We also use literature to continue vocabulary development and reading skills. Throughout, we encourage students to study literature through the lens of God's Word.

We aim to teach students to express themselves competently and confidently in speech and to develop listening skills that allow them to receive and process information.

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