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Student Development

Measuring the Outcome

At East Linn Christian Academy, we measure the success of our Mission Statement by looking at our finished product. We are continually evaluating the effectiveness of our programs and practices to ensure that our graduates are equipped to be successful in every facet of life.

Each of the fourteen grade levels at East Linn Christian Academy have been developed with this goal in mind.

The traits that characterize the East Linn Graduate:

  • Character necessary to be a good citizen, employee, spouse, parent and neighbor
  • A genuine leadership style based on honesty and integrity
  • Setting personal standards for excellence in every endeavor
  • Confidence grounded in God-given talents and acknowledgement of success of others
  • An unselfish nature demonstrated in compassion to help those in need
  • A foundation of solid skills and relevant knowledge based on Biblical standards
  • The discovery of individual spiritual gifts that will sharpen their ministry skills
  • Acceptance of strengths and weaknesses, yet committed to growth and maturity
  • Effective communication exemplified in both writing and speech
  • A long-life passion for learning and utilizing proven research skills
  • A true commitment to church, work, relationships and the community as a whole
  • A passion for discipleship

  • We strive to develop each of these qualities into the lives of our student body. We have been successful in this endeavor by tailoring our curriculum and activities to promote an authentic approach to learning for both spiritual development and critical thinking skills.

    The Parts of Student Development

    SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: The single most important objective of East Linn Christian Academy is the spiritual discipleship of its students. The administration, faculty, and staff recognize the daily pursuit of spiritual growth, using every opportunity presented during curricular and extracurricular activities to disciple students.

    ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT: We shepherd our students' intellectual gifts by promoting engaging academic instruction, always remembering that each student is a unique creation of God, with a potential known only by God. No child should be excluded from a Christian education because of a special academic need that is within our ability to accommodate. Our aim is to help our students realize their full academic potential.

    SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: The ability to live righteously in a godless culture is what Jesus Christ called us to. We are to be in the world but not of the world. Our shepherding role with our students demands that we prepare them to live in a world that rejects God and His truth, to be light in darkness. We challenge them, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to achieve their fullest potential socially.

    PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Shepherding the achievement of the physical potential of our students is an integral part of our educational program. The human body that houses the Spirit and intellect must be properly cared for if a disciple of Christ is to impact the world for Christ.

    RELATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: We were created for relationship; first with God, then with others. It is our relationship with God that determines our relationship with those around us. If we are in proper relationship with the Father, growing and being daily made into the image of Jesus Christ, then our relationships with others will be filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It is primarily through relationships that God evangelizes, using His disciples to make disciples.

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