East Linn Alumni

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Welcome to East Linn Christian Academy's alumni website! We hope this site allows you to continue to make lifelong connections among our EL alumni family.

East Linn Christian Academy alumni have many memories of everyday life, memories of a school family that shaped their lives and equipped them for their future, memories that bring smiles to faces and unite the 900-plus graduates who walked across that stage and received a diploma that signified an impressive achievement.

The East Linn Christian Academy Alumni Association has as its objectives and purposes:

  • to help maintain alumni interest in East Linn Christian Academy
  • to coordinate programs and activities geared to encourage alumni interest and participation
  • to assist the school and the superintendent in efforts to bring about the spiritual, academic, and athletic growth of the current students
  • to assist the school and the superintendent in securing resources for the ongoing mission of the school.

You are always welcome on the EL campus, at all our many events, or just to stop by for a tour or visit.

Alumni Association

T.J. Garber, Janelle Detweiler, Adrian Knox, Travis Garber, Shawna Gaskey, Darryl Knox

Events and Activities

Every summer multiple reunions are held here on the school grounds. You will have access to a commercial kitchen, outdoor court yard, mini kitchen, library seating area, and the gymnasium. If your class would like help planning and/or organizing a reunion, please email Kim Rickman  or call 541-259-2324.  

Supporting ELCA

Annual Benefit Auction – April 8, 2016. Our hope is to collect funds to purchase a generator from the Alumni Association for the auction.  If you would like to contribute a gift toward this project, please email Kim Rickman  or call 541-259-2324.  

Alumni Events and Activities

The EL Alumni Association sponsors a variety of activities and events throughout the year, including the Fall Donor Reception, the alumni auction project, festivities at Homecoming and class reunions.

Class Reunions

If your class is planning a class reunion and would appreciate our help in anyway, please let us know.  You can contact our Relations Coordinator, Kim Rickman at relations@eastlinnchristian.org or call 541-259-2324.