Letter from the Board

Dear ELC Student and Parents,

Truth, as explained in Scripture, has been largely rejected by our society.  Against this backdrop, the lifestyle of the true follower of Christ will be radically different than the surrounding U.S. culture.  Young people who do not definitely commit to Christ become like the world, not like men or women of God.  They "bag it."  They don’t stay with their faith because it isn’t theirs.  They do not let Christ show them His reality by living in a daily relationship of love and obedience to Him.

Christianity is the only transforming, satisfying lifestyle, but it is no game, and we do our students no favor to let them think of it (or try to live it) that superficially.  The increase and degree of dishonesty, disrespect, and impurity in which many students operate speaks for the futility of their half-hearted "commitment."  Their pluralistic lifestyle denies their verbal confession of allegiance to Christ.  It’s trying to have the "best of both worlds" while ending up with a hypocritical lifestyle satisfying no one.

God has clarified for us at East Linn Christian that our purpose is to teach students how to think and live as serious and enthusiastic disciples of Christ.  We undertake presenting a quality education in academics, but approach that process from a biblical viewpoint.  The Bible is the source of truth and ELC will do its best to place Jesus Christ and His Word at the center of all we do.

We aren’t asking for perfect Christian students but ones cooperative with and open to our purpose and honest in their saying so.  Those students who are not living or genuinely considering the life of discipleship (a whole way of life with Christ as center and Lord) will be increasingly frustrated.  A dangerous hardening of heart occurs in students who do not want to attend ELC and do not submit to our purpose, guidelines, teachers, etc.  Students who are discontent also place great restraint on the disciple-training process attempting to proceed around them.  Students demonstrating that they desire to go in a different direction than our defined direction will be released.

We want you to know that we are committed to clearly pursuing this single purpose at ELC without apology.  We are "picking up speed" and "setting our course" in this great adventure with a whole heart after Christ.

ELC Board of Directors