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Thank you for considering East Linn Christian as a viable option for teaching and training your child. Our school has no greater mission than to support families seeking to raise up the next generation of Christ followers.

East Linn Christian welcomes applicants with children 3 years (preschool) - 12th grade. Our school is committed to offering education to a wide range of students including those who come from a lower social economic status and have mild disabilities.

The first step to Enrolling is to schedule a tour. [Click to Schedule a Tour]

Tuition Assistance Program

For those who have completed a school tour and decided to enroll can apply for possible tuition assistance. [Click Here] for more information on tuition assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is East Linn Christian governed by a church?
East Linn Christian is not a church school. It is parent governed, done by a constituency of supporters who elect Board members to govern the school. This Board of 5-10 members governs the school by a clear mission statement and constitution of the school. Our statements of purpose and mission that are built on a core doctrinal statement guide the board in stewardship of school policies and procedures.

Does East Linn Christian have any connection to other local Christian schools?
East Linn Christian is a stand-alone enterprise, that strongly supports the local church families. Each Christian school in our area functions with an independent Board and constitutions.

What is the cost of tuition?
Tuition costs change annually. A current tuition and fee schedule will be provided during the school tour. We balance a quality Christian education with affordability. Our Board wants Christian education to be accessible and inviting. A commitment of financial support is an important part of our school.

Is there tuition assistance and how can I know if I qualify?
Tuition assistance grants are available to families who qualify. On average, 10% to 20% of our families receive a grant to help pay tuition. The following application link includes a chart of household size and income. (link to FACTs) You can see if you qualify. Please call us if you have any questions about financial assistance: 541-259-2304 ext. 1.

Is there a sliding tuition scale for families with multiple high school aged children?
We do offer a sliding scale for middle and high school families and we look at factors such as family size when awarding tuition assistance grants.

Are there restrictions in place for families to be aware of before enrollment?
We do ask for a parent commitment to Christian education. The lifestyle in the home must also support the mission, policies and biblical teachings of the school. Parents are required to sign an agreement of support to our mission, values and policies and to be actively involved in a church body.

When do families typically apply?
Families are welcome to consider applying to East Linn Christian at any time. Our formal registration begins in May of the current school year. Families can tour the school and students can shadow for the day at East Linn Christian while school is in session.

Transfer Students

East Linn Christian provides a unique opportunity for students and families who wish to enroll during the school year.

It is our desire to help make the transition as smooth as possible, reducing the level of anxiety for both student and parent. We encourage families to come for a tour during the school day. This will help you and your child get a good feel of the culture of the school which will assist you in the process of determining whether East Linn Christian is a strong fit for your family.

We offer students, in grades 4th - 12th grade the opportunity to attend school for the day. Visiting students are provided a student guide to be their companion. The student guide will be in the same grade level and will be the same gender as your child. The teachers will have a space prepared for your child to sit in class with their student guide and your child will participate in activities throughout the day as if they were a regular student.

Your child will begin to quickly feel the care and acceptance we all experience here at East Linn Christian every day. The principal of your child's grade will be available to meet with you and your student to answer any questions you have about our program. This is a great opportunity to hear about the heart and mission of our school.

Each year new students transfer into our school community. In each case, we have found that these new students are able to easily connect with their peer group and adjust quickly to the warm culture that exists here at East Linn Christian. I encourage you to see if your family can find a school "home" with us today!

Call our Administrative Secretary, with any questions at 541-259-2304 ext. 1.

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