Thoughts on leadership class from Tyler Whitney, ASB President:

"Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned."

These words cannot be truer, especially when it comes to the current generation.  So often in the media, we are herded like sheep to do this, buy that, take part in the current hysteria, and at times those messages can cause conflict with our Christian values. Furthermore, this generation has been taught to not ‘offend’ anyone, not to ‘crusade’ your beliefs because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this has left almost an absence of backbone with many students. The leadership class at East Linn puts students in the position where they learn to participate in the student government, are given responsibilities critical to the function of student activities, and learn from experience how to serve as Christ, express Christ through their actions with confidence, and not to lay down and follow the trends of popular culture, but to face the adversity of secular society and above all, lead others to do the same.

Within Leadership there are seven head ASB positions. These positions are Student Body officers in charge of organizing the students in Leadership:

  • The President, who oversees the entire ASB team and organizes the Chapels
  • The Vice President, who oversees the team in the absence of the President and also leads worship
  • The Secretary, who is in charge of coordinating Community Service projects for the students of the school
  • The Treasurer, who manages the funds of the Leadership team
  • The Social Chair, who organizes school events such as Formal, Masquerade, and Homecoming
  • Last but not least, there are two Spirit Officers who are given the monumental responsibility of trying to keep the student body engaged and involved in school life.

Under these officers there is the leadership team which can be joined by the members of the student body.

Some of the responsibilities for those students involved with leadership include running school events, fundraising, and encouraging students day to day; in essence leadership is an extension of the school administration but on a more personal level. School events include helping with the promotion/set-up/pull-down of Spring Formal, Masquerade, Eagle Fest, and other school-wide student participation events. In fundraising, students are involved in raising funds for above events and other outreach programs such as toy/food/clothing drives. As a leadership body we also have the duty to constantly lift up others in the student body and keep them motivated towards the common goal of living of life of Christ.