Our early education program provides a nurturing environment in which Christian teachers shepherd young lives. This Bible-based educational program includes the development of the whole child: spiritual, academic, social, physical, and relational.

As young children enter into our preschool program, we view them as special creations of God and count it a privilege to positively impact their lives. Our curriculum goals are built on the belief that children learn best through active experiences combined with the interactive discipling of Godly teachers. Although many children follow a general pattern of development, each child is unique. We strive to meet the children where they are and then move them forward.

We are excited about the opportunity of bringing you a program that combines an early childhood education with Bible-based principles and teaching. It is our goal to provide a well thought out, continuous learning process that is steeped in God’s Word from start to finish. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Serving three and four year old students. Contact our admissions office today to schedule an education success consultation at 541-259-2324, or register online here.