Curriculum Goals for Preschool Students

2 yrs from starting kindergarten
3 year olds by Sept. 1

Social / Emotional

  • Begin to separate with ease from parent
  • Begin parallel play with other children
  • Become aware of feelings of others
  • Has attention span of three minutes
  • Transitions successfully from activity to activity
  • Follow simple directions

Reading and Number Concepts

  • Introduce letter and number concepts through art, circle time and play
  • Introduce shapes and primary colors
  • Group things together by size, shape and color
  • Recognize simple patterns
  • Introduce prepositions (under, over, beside etc.)
  • Introduce counting up to 10 and number recognition
  • Introduce alphabet and letter sounds

Fine Motor Skills

  • Introduce scissors
  • Introduce jumbo pencil
  • Begin drawing shapes
  • String large beads
  • Begin to hold a crayon and pencil correctly

Large Motor Skills

  • Walk up and down stairs alone using the hand rail
  • Throw a small object two feet forward
  • Jump with two feet
  • Stand on one foot

Spiritual Self

  • Learn about God’s love
  • Learn to love others
  • Become familiar with basic bible stories and ideas
  • Can tell a little about self and family
  • Can point and name some body parts
  • Tells own name
  • Begin to apply biblical truth to their own life