Measure of the Mission

At East Linn Christian Academy, we measure the success of our Mission Statement by looking at our finished product. We are continually evaluating the effectiveness of our programs and practices to ensure that our graduates are equipped to be successful in every facet of life.

Each of the fourteen grade levels at East Linn Christian Academy have been developed with this goal in mind.

The traits that characterize the East Linn Graduate:

  • Character necessary to be a good citizen, employee, spouse, parent and neighbor
  • A genuine leadership style based on honesty and integrity
  • Setting personal standards for excellence in every endeavor
  • Confidence grounded in God-given talents and acknowledgement of success of others
  • An unselfish nature demonstrated in compassion to help those in need
  • A foundation of solid skills and relevant knowledge based on Biblical standards
  • The discovery of individual spiritual gifts that will sharpen their ministry skills
  • Acceptance of strengths and weaknesses, yet committed to growth and maturity
  • Effective communication exemplified in both writing and speech
  • A long-life passion for learning and utilizing proven research skills
  • A true commitment to church, work, relationships and the community as a whole
  • A passion for discipleship

We strive to develop each of these qualities into the lives of our student body. We have been successful in this endeavor by tailoring our curriculum and activities to promote an authentic approach to learning for both spiritual development and critical thinking skills.